Dating Advice

Dating Advice

Dating advice: make your date successful

Fascinating, exciting, intriguing, unpredictable, making your heart beat faster or skip a beat – such is a first date. The most interesting thing about the first date is that it’s practically impossible to foresee the development of it and you normally fail to act “by the rules” in the majority of cases. And still, it might make sense to get acquainted with some online dating advice before going on a date, who knows when you will need it? Some of the first date tips might seem to be extremely banal, but you would be surprised finding out how many people lose the chance to develop relationships not observing these basic rules.

Advice on dating: choosing the place and the time for a date

It’s preferable to choose standard variants for the first date: a dinner in a café, a walk in a park, a movie in a cinema, a picnic in the nature. You still don’t know each other well enough to arrange an extreme date or a dinner at home. The time for the first date doesn’t have to be in the evening, although this is the classical variant since evening is more associated with romance and intimacy.

Dating tips: getting ready for a date

Getting ready for your date, pay attention to your appearance. You don’t have to necessarily buy a new outfit for this occasion, just review your wardrobe in advance and choose the clothes which you will feel comfortable in. And don’t forget that it should be appropriate at the place you are going to. Torn jeans in a restaurant or an evening dress at a picnic would look absurd and spoil the impression which is so important at the first date.

Dating techniques: how to behave during a date

Be natural, easy-going, try to be yourself and self-confident. You’re relaxing and not passing an exam, aren’t you? So relax, stop thinking about how to impress a girl or how to tell if a guy is interested, you will manage to do it naturally, but later. Try to enjoy the time spent together to the fullest, to entertain yourself and your partner. It might turn out to be not that easy, but you should at least strive to it.

Don’t attempt to pretend to be someone you are not. A “professor” will not manage to give an impression of a macho, and a “cutie pie” will not manage to hide her liking for sweets if she doesn’t touch the food. You’d better concentrate on demonstrating your virtues instead of trying to disguise your faults. Just don’t praise yourself too much.

Dating rules: subjects to discuss and to avoid in a conversation

Speak about what can be interesting, curious of intriguing for your partner; about your and your partner’s likes and hobbies; about your qualities; about interesting facts from your life; about “eternal” subjects (just don’t go too deep into philosophy!).

Don’t concentrate on yourself, ask questions and be attentive listening to the answers. You want to know more about the person who interests you, don’t you? Don’t interrupt, look right into the eyes, smile and nod, try to call your interlocutor by name often – generally, try to remember the elementary rules of leading a conversation.

Which subjects to avoid speaking and asking about? Material status, work, too intimate details of biography, life problems, sicknesses, previous relationship are a few. Never emphasize your faults, fears and concerns, try to focus on your positive qualities, achievements and success. Speak about what is pleasant and positive and avoid negative subjects; otherwise you will give an impression of a boring and constantly dissatisfied person.

Dating advice for girls

If he told a joke, smile even if you didn’t find it funny. Don’t start chuckling or laughing out loud (by the way, it’s a good practice to rehearse your laughter before the date – and this is serious!)

Don’t look at him with eyes full of adoration – you don’t want to seem easy to get, do you? For the same reason, behave modestly, try to give an impression of a serious and decent girl (but not a nun of course, it might scare a guy off). Men are known to choose a modest girl for long-term relationships rather than the one who goes to bed with them at the first date.

However, if sex is the only purpose you pursue with this date, you might as well behave more freely. Still, don’t show him that you can’t wait to remain alone with him in every possible way, this is blunt and most men dislike it. Even if the first date ends up with sex, the man should think that this was exclusively his initiative and you simply fell under his charms.

Dating advice for guys

Don’t be afraid of allowed physical contacts: a kiss in the check, a light touch to the hand or to the waist will not be considered to be harassment by the girl. Tactile contacts which don’t overcome the commonly accepted limits can and must be used.

Try to take a closer look at the girl and to choose the behavior line according to her character. Some ladies like assertive, a bit cheeky men. Others adore jokers, people with a good sense of humor. Still others want to see a confident, strong, dominating man. Of course you are not a psychologist, but several indirect (but not straight-forward!) questions will help you clear out the situation.

Dating tips for everyone

Be yourself, feel your partner and enjoy your time!